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PLENUS Condensate Recovery pump

Best technique to recover stream from steam traps and useful to increase the boiler efficiency by adding this collected steam trap hot water to Boiler feed water tank. Much water saving of boiler feed tank and increased efficiency of Boiler also reduce the problem of High TDS boiler feed tanks water.

PLENUS Condense Recovery Pump is the Low Maintenance, Non-Electric Solution to use condensate water of steam traps to lift it to feed water tank. It can be pressurized by steam or air which displaces the condensate through a check valve. These are designed to move condensate without the use of electricity and return condensate at higher temperatures. It is constructed from quality material for safe operation in hazardous locations. The casing is carbon steel and internal working parts are stainless steel including float, valve and mechanical linkage.


- High quality moving part assured zero maintenance
- Suitable for high temp. Application
- No cavitations problem
- Less steam consumption at low pressure
- Can be operated on compressed Air
- Automatic venting of Air & Non - Condensable gases
- Easy monitoring of pump operation with sight glass is possible